When does a vendor receive funding?

Once Sunset Financial Group is in receipt of the signed documents, advance rent, vendor’s invoice and verbal verification by the customer, depending on the vendor’s preferences, we will either ACH, wire transfer, or overnight a check for the invoiced amount.

Is Sunset Financial Group able to provide any funding prior to delivery (“pre-funding”)?

Yes. Pre-funding is set at the Vendor’s discretion. Sunset Financial Group can guarantee that up to 100% of your funding will be received before shipping.

Who arranges the lease agreement?

Once a customer has qualified for a lease, a Sunset Financial Group Associate will contact them and collect any additional required information before finalizing the remaining terms of the transaction, keeping you informed and “in the loop” all the way. Following this, we will arrange all of our required documents and send them directly to your customer via email.

Is leasing only for people with poor credit profiles who cannot borrow money from a bank?

Absolutely not. The vast majority of successful businesses in the United States use leasing to acquire equipment, regardless of their size or credit profile. In fact, it is estimated that 90% of “Fortune 500” companies are engaged in some form of an equipment lease. Leasing is a valuable tool that can help businesses save money. For more information, please visit our page detailing the advantages of leasing.

Are my customers required to pay any upfront costs?

Depending on the lease terms they select, your customers will usually only need to make between 0-2 monthly payments at signing, plus any nominal administrative fees that become due.

How am I able to determine if my customers are qualified to lease equipment?

Have your customer complete our simple one-page application. They can also fill it out on our website, use your own internal application, or we’ll create a custom application for you with your logo on it. We can usually make a decision within an hour or so. Given our flexibility and range of available financing options, it is unlikely that we will not be able to get your deal done.

Can I lease any equipment that I am trying to sell?

Sunset Financial Group offers equipment financing to vendors in virtually every industry available. Just about any kind of commercial equipment can be leased, new or used.

What costs are involved in Sunset Financial Group’s Preferred Vendor Program?

There are no costs associated with our any of our vendor programs.

What are the benefits associated with leasing equipment to my customers?

Leasing is a powerful tool that works in conjunction with the realities of your customers’ cash flow needs. It’s far easier to sell a low monthly payment than the full purchase price of your equipment. Leasing also makes upselling a breeze